How To Sell Tokens

Sell your tokens on demand

NMKR Studio makes it possible to sell your tokens on demand via NMKR Pay, which is a payment gateway that allows your customer to connect its wallet and sign the transaction, or via a static Pay-in address that autonomously mints and distributes tokens once it receives funds in the correct amount.

1) Set up prices

In order to sell tokens you have to specify the prices first. You can either define token specific prices in the Edit section of every single token for token specific sales with specific payment links, or you set up a price list that will apply for any token in the project with various amounts. For random sales, a price list is necessary.

2) Enable the sales

To enable the sales on demand, navigate to the price list of your project and activate the prices by clicking the edit button of each price/amount pair.

2a) NMKR Pay

Scroll down to copy and share the payment link (example: below the NMKR Pay Button in the NMKR Pay integration tab if you want to sell your tokens with NMKR Pay. Or use the website integration with quantity selection.

2b) Pay-In address

If you want to use the static minting address that can be shared with your customers, scroll down on the pricelist tab and switch to the Pay-In Address Integration tab. Use the activate button and copy the address (example: addr1v909jz0nnfwpl49st5yjp0ndht4s5vs4d0mhuz8fvv0nhrqj8mdqx) to share it with your community.

More details

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In order to sell your tokens on a marketplace, you have to mint them first manually.