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Mint the tokens on your own or let your customers mint on demand

What is minting?

Minting is the process of writing the token onto the blockchain. During the minting process, the token will be added to the blockchain dedicated to the belonging policy by sending the token in a transaction to the receiver's wallet. Before the minting process, the tokens in your project are only created on the NMKR infrastructure and are not visible on the public Ledger of Cardano.
Before a token can be sold on a secondary market, it has to be minted. The NMKR Store will be capable of listing also unminted tokens.

How can I mint a token in NMKR Studio

There are multiple ways to mint the tokens in NMKR Studio, they all can be associated to two categories.

Minting on Demand

Minting on demand means that your customers will trigger the minting process due to purchasing the token via NMKR Pay or the Pay-In Address directly to their own wallet. The minting fees will be covered by the sales price that is previously specified in the price list.
Please read the documentation about the pricing if you want to learn more about that.

Self-executed Minting

The process of executing the mint on your own can be accomplished either with a manual minting process or with the airdropper. For both methods the receiver, the token that should be minted and the amount is given by you. The fees to mint this token will be covered from your account balance of available mints (Mint Coupons).
To mint a token in order to sell it in a secondary market, you want to mint the token on your own via manual minting or the airdropper to your own wallet. Every minted NFT will cost 1 Mint Coupon, about 4.5 ADA. Please read the documentation about the pricing if you want to learn more about that.