Mint Coupons

Buy mint coupons for minting that is not happening on demand
What is a Mint Coupon?
Every account in NMKR Studio has it's own account balance of Mint Coupons. These mint coupons will be used for Manual Minting, the Airdropper, editing tokens after they were minted and to set up the Royalties for your project. Basically, you will need to buy some Mint Coupons for everything that is not minted on demand by your customer.

Buy Mint Coupons

To buy Mint Coupons, click the account button in the upper right corner and select "Buy Mints"
Select the amount of tokens you want to buy in the next step. The amount to pay and the wallet address where to send this amount will show up. Once you sent the ADA to the address, your balance will show up as available Mint Coupons right below your customer ID.
Select the amount of tokens to view the price and wallet address

Cost Breakdown Mint Coupon

One Mint Coupon is 4,5 ADA in total, with this one Mint Coupon you are able to mint one token manually or send 1 token via the Airdropper. The editing of an NFT after the mint, only costs 2ADA, means it will not deduct a whole Mint Coupon and you will have some ADA remaining. 4,5 ADA Mint Coupon contains
  • 2 ADA NMKR Fee
  • 2ADA MinUtxo (sendback to customer)
  • 0,2 - 0,7 ADA network fee depending on the size of the transaction and metadata

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