Introduction - NMKR Studio API

What is the NMKR Studio API

What is the NMKR Studio API

The NMKR Studio API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to implement the features from NMKR Studio to your own website or DApp. The API works similarly to other API’s, whereby you are able to utilise the HTTP Get and Post Requests to invoke our Server-Side code to run methods. The API essentially provides all the functionality we offer in NMKR Studio, through a programmatic interface. Everything from uploading your NFTs, to providing a Payment Link for NMKR Pay, setting up whitelists, can be done via the API.

If you are looking to do something more advanced or simply prefer using code rather than a user interface, the API might be the right solution for you. The API is available for the Testnet (preprod) and for the Mainnet. We are currently running the Version 2 of our API and are constantly adding new endpoints in order to make more features available for you.

Who is using the API

The API is designed to be used by competent programmers who have knowledge in the following areas:

  • API's

  • Front-end Web Development

  • Back-end Web Development

  • General programming