Testnet Wallet & tADA

Set up a testnet wallet

The preprod testnet of Cardano can be used with any wallet that supports to switch between Testnet and mainnet. For this documentation we are going to use Nami.

Download Wallet Software

Go to https://namiwallet.io/ to download the browser extension and create a new wallet or import any wallet that you have custodial of. Now go to the settings by clicking the "account button".

Go to the network settings in the next tab.

Switch from Mainnet to Preprod Testnet by selecting Preprod in the dropdown.

You will find the Preprod notifier in the lower left corner of the Nami wallet.

Claim tADA

Go to the Cardano Testnet Faucet and claim tADA. In order to do so, please select "Preprod Testnet" in the Environment dropdown and "Receive test ADA" in the Action dowpdown. Put the wallet address of your testnet wallet into the Address field, verify with the captcha that you are not a robot and click on "Request Funds". (The API Key field can be ignored)

You have now received your funds to your testnet wallet and can start testing.

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