How to set up Metadata

Specify The Metadata For your Project and tokens

For the Metadata Set up you have to understand first that there is a Metadata template, which defines the overall Structure and Fields via Placeholders of your Metadata for all Tokens in this project and then there is the token individual Metadata that then gives the token individual values to replace the placeholders in the project.

1) Specify the Metadata Template

Go to the Edit Section of your Project and specify the Metadata template. Define custom fields and placeholders by simply adding a new line. For example:

With hard written values:

"website": "",

Or via placeholders:

"character": "<character>",

We recommend to add custom fields above the description line.

2) Add token individual Metadata

To replace the placeholders for the fields that were previously defined in the Metadata template, go to the Edit section of your Token and add the values in the placeholder tab. If you want to add a complete JSON to your token, please use the Metadata override tab.

Please always use the <asset_name> placeholder in the metadata override. The token name in NMKR Studio has to match the asset_name in the metadata or it will cause errors.

More details

If you want to learn more about this topic, please click here for the Metadate Template and here for the token individual Metadata.

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