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ISPO Running! During the time of the ISPO, there won't be any ADA rewards distributed. All rewards will be paid out in NMKR with a Bonus. Let’s assume you would receive 30 ADA as staking rewards in a given month. For that month, you earn the 30 ADA worth of in $NMKR Tokens plus a 15% Bonus. If you hold any NMKR Seaplane NFTs, you receive a multipler for each NFT (0,1%) on your rewards. For more info please read this article:


Key Stats

CNFT Focussed Staking

We're taking stake pools in a new direction by treating our delegators as MEMBERS of our community, with absolute focus on the CNFT space, offering the best possible rewards. We believe that continuing to innovate in this way, not only helps to provide maximum value for the Cardano Community, but also further establishes Cardano as a key player in the Crypto market. Other blockchains may use POS in the future, but no other blockchain will be able to offer this level of utility from staking. The more utility we can offer, the more likely people are to hold and stake their ADA, resulting in a stronger, more decentralised Cardano Ecosystem.

Unique Benefits

The NMKR Pool is another element in our ecosystem. Staking to this Pool means becoming part of the community, as such you will be rewarded with unique benefits, unmatched by any other stake pool:

Lower Fees

  • Lower exchange fees when trading CNFTs on the NMKR Marketplace

  • Lower minting fees when buying CNFTs from projects using NMKR Studio

    • Staking 5K ADA or more will give an additional 0.5 ADA as part of the minting transaction

    • For example, if you pay 20 ADA for your NFT, you will receive:

    • Your NFT + 2.5 ADA, instead of 2.0 ADA + NFT.


  • Exclusive CNFT airdrops

  • Regular $NMKR Token distributions

To put it simply, if you have any interest in CNFTs – this will be where you stake your ADA.

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