How To Enable DIDs

Verify your identity by connecting social media accounts to your project

The DIDs - Decentralized Identifier are a great way to prove the ownership of a project publicly. With NMKR Studio, you can set up DIDs for every policy separately.

1) Buy Mint Coupons

The minting of the royalty token will take 4.5 ADA, therefore you have to buy a Mint Coupon first.

2) Create the DID

Go to the Projects overview and click on the "Collection Tokens" under "Manage Project" on the right side of your project. Switch to the "Identity Token" tab and click "confirm identity on IAMX". Link all the desired accounts there and confirm by clicking "create". Close the window.

3) Mint the DID

The Identity Token Tab in NMKR Studio will you now show that the identity is confirmed. Click "Mint" to mint the DID.

More details

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