View and Export transactions of your account

Transactions overview

It is, of course, necessary from an accounting standpoint to have a reliable and unambiguous view of the transactions made. This is why we have the transactions overview. It can be easily accessed from the menu bar.

The transaction overview displays all transaction activities associated with your user account, including all project transactions, manual mints or airdrops, and royalty token minting.

it shows every transaction of your account and makes it easy to understand what kind of transaction it was and the transaction key data and structure:

  • Time and Date (UTC)

  • Type

  • Project

  • Price Paid

  • Amount of NFTs

  • Total Costs

  • Income

  • Transaction ID

  • Payout wallet (receiving wallet)

View more details of a specific transaction

Just click the transaction row to expand more details about a specific transaction. It will show you additional data:

  • Paid from user

  • MinUtxo (sendback)

  • Network Fees

  • Mint Fees

  • Incomes

  • Discount

  • NFT name and image

  • Fingerprint of the token

Export transaction overview

To export the transactions overview, please click on "export all Transactions" in the lower left corner. This will instantly download a CSV-file packed in a Zip-file containing all the relevant data as mentioned above. It can be opened in any spreadsheet program like Excel, Numbers or Google sheets.