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Our payment gateway for Sales on Demand with Wallet Connector
What is NMKR Pay
NMKR Pay is a payment gateway that allows your customers to sign transactions and connect their wallets. It is a simpler and more user-friendly way to make purchases on the Cardano Blockchain. It is constantly being improved in order to maintain security, adaptability, and improvement.

NMKR Pay vs. Pay-In Address

The Pay-In Address is a simple and basic method of minting that is still widely used, but it has some disadvantages for the Cardano network and your project when compared to NMKR Pay. The pay-in Address provides no bot protection and does not reserve any tokens before the payment is processed, resulting in far more transactions and a significantly higher load on the blockchain than is necessary. NMKR Pay is unquestionably superior technology, and it also includes a wide range of additional features that are beneficial for your sales. Let us point out the features of both methods in the following overview.
Pay-In Address
Wallet Connector
Bot Protection (Captcha)
FIAT payment (Credit Card via Crossmint)
MultiSig payment
Scheduled sale start (displayed in NMKR Pay)
Prices with start and expiry date
Queue (for hyped drops)
Share sale on social media
Multilingual Interface
Display price in FIAT currency
Reveal Token after sale
Manual sending
Autonomously handling refunds

Supported Wallets

NMKR Pay can be linked to the most widely used and popular self-custodial Wallets. We are constantly integrating new wallets in order to maintain as much accessibility as possible. However, you can use NMKR Pay with wallets that are unable to use DApps because it provides a manual sending option that allows your customers to generate a minting address to which they want to manually send their ADA.