ADA Payment Link

Create a payment link with a customized note to only receive ADA

ADA payment links is a feature that enables you to create a customized payment link to receive a specified amount of ADA to a specified receiver address. This link can be embedded on your website or shared through other communication channels.

When a user clicks on the payment link, it will open NMKR Pay, our paymentgateway application that supports ADA transactions and is also used to mint NFTs with NMKR Studio. The user can then connect their wallet and sign the payment transaction to complete the transfer of funds to the specified receiver address.

In addition to the payment amount and receiver address, you can also add a custom note to the payment link. This feature provides a convenient and secure way for businesses and individuals to accept ADA payments without the need for complex payment integrations.

The Parameters; receiver address, amount and note can be specified by replacing the <placeholders> in the following URLs.

The amount will be specified in Lovelace. 1 ADA = 1000000 (one million) Lovelace<addr1testabc>&amount=<10000000><addr1testabc>&amount=<10000000>&note=<examplenote>

Click here to view this ADA Payment in NMKR Pay!