Manage Tokens Tab

Manage your NFTs in this tab

This tab is accessible via the actions bar of your project.

The manage Token Tab is where you organize all Tokens/Assets of a project. It gives you a good overview and you can use some specific token features from here.

Token ID/Name

In this column you will find the tokens ID, below the asset name, the token UID and the policy of the token.

State of an NFT

There are several different states your NFTs could have. This states helps you to identify the current state of each token in your project.

  • Free (available for minting)

  • Reserved (the token is reserved for a customer till the reservation time ends or it's paid)

  • Sold / Minted (the token is sold and minted, click 'minted' to view it in

  • Burned (your token is burned on-chain)

  • Deleted (this state won't show up in your project and is only important if you use the API)

  • Paid (this is a temporary state and also only relevant for you if you use our API)

Filter Tokens by state

For a better overview, you can use the filter option in the overview. It allows you to filter by state of the token.

Block specific NFTs

To block specific NFTs from being sold, please checkmark the tokens, select "Block NFTs from being sold" in the dropdown and press execute. Your tokens will now show up as blocked and can also be filtered by it.

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