Custom Token payment

Set up prices for native cardano tokens

Custom Token payment / Custom Token prices

Beta-feature! NMKR Studio allows you to offer minting with Cardano native custom Tokens and NFTs. Out of technical reasons, there is a minimum of 5 ADA that needs to be added to the payment with a custom token payment.
This feature does not work if you specified any discounts or additional payout wallets. As this is a beta, to make it work for custom token sale and regular ADA sale at the same time in the same project is something we still have to work on. For now, you could split the project or better use different time windows for the sales. You can have ADA prices and ADA + FT prices active at the same time if you use the Pay-In address for the custom token sales.
To set this feature up, please click the "+" button when setting up a new price.
Add at least 6.5 ADA to the price, this will be needed to cover the fees, as we are not directly converting the custom tokens into ADA but transferring the custom tokens to the sellers' wallet, this is a technical necessity. Add also the Cound of custom tokens and the policy ID. In this screenshot we are using the stablecoin Djed, which is recognized as DjedMicroUSD. Activate the price and click on save.
Please always consider the decimals of this specific token. Djed has 6 decimals, which means 1 Djed = 1000000 DjedMicroUSD

Pay with NFTs

If you want to set up payment with NFTs instead of Fungible Tokens, please proceed as explained above, but leave the "Add. Token Assetname"- field empty when setting up the prices. Please also keep in mind, that this feature is not supported by NMKR Pay and can only be used with the Pay-In Address.
Last modified 2mo ago