How To Burn Tokens

Burn tokens to remove them from your supply

It happens that a tokens needs to be burned, this can be because of a mistake or also as feature as it fits your project strategy.

In order to burn a token, please make sure, that your policy isn't locked. Also burn tokens with a burn address of the correct project (the project where it was minted with)! You can't burn tokens that are in a wallet of another person, you have to send the token to a burning endpoint.

1) Create Burning endpoint

Move to the Manage Tokens tab and click the "create burning endpoint" button below your uploaded Tokens.

2) Send the token

Send the token from your wallet to the burning endpoint together with 2ADA in the same transaction. This will then burn the token and remove it from your supply on the policy. The token will now be stated as burned in your project.

More details

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