5. Minting
This section covers the settings and requirements for the minting of your NFTs and how you can mint manually. NMKR Studio has many, very flexible minting features to cater for every need.
With all the preparations complete, you are now ready to launch! To do this, you will need to give your users a method to mint the NFTs.
Note - if you are following the step-by-step guide, then the Payment Gateway is the best option, click the link to skip straight to it. (You will need a website to use this)
This section is all about minting, ranging from the most common case whereby you want your customers to be able to mint a random NFT, all the way to very specific use cases, where you might want to pre-mint a certain number of specific NFTs or mint-and-send to winners of a giveaway.
This section covers it all and has been organised based on the action, then the solution options.
I want to:
  • Allow customers to mint one or more random NFTs
  • Allow customers to mint one or more specific NFTs
  • Personally mint one or more NFTs and send them to a wallet of my choosing
    • Using the user-interface
  • Understand the general principles of how minting works
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