Whitelabel Stores

Create and publish your own custom NFT Marketplace

NMKR Studio enables you to create your own customized NFT Marketplace to list NFTs of a specific policy with already minted assets, as well as enable a minting widget of a specific project. A great example is the Newform Art Store

Create a new Store

Navigate to the Whitelabel Store Tab and select "Create new Store".

General Info

Add your Brand name, the Store URL, the description as well as your twitter handle to the general Info

Scroll further down to specify the marketplace fee that you want to charge for sales and select the wallet where you want to receive those funds. If you are missing the desired wallet here, please add it to your account first.

Click on "save & exit" to proceed.

Homepage appearance

Specify the appearance of your store in the next step like the colours of your buttons and headlines and select the font you want to use on the store.

Scroll down and upload your Favicon as well as the open Graph image (Banner image) and keep an eye on the resolutions of these files.

The toggle "Unrestricted NFT search scope" if enabled allows your customers to browse for all projects that are listed on the Cardano Blockchain.

The toggle "Dark Mode" changes the appearance of your custom store to a dark theme.

Edit Store navigation bar

Specify the navigation bar of your project by uploaing a Logo and a Footer Logo.

Specify CTA (Call to Action) buttons for your store. This will display buttons on your website where you redirect to a link. For example, "subscribe to newsletter!"

Edit Store Page header

Upload a Hero Image to the Store and specify your headline! Please mind the resolutions of the uploaded image.

If you scroll further down, you are able to add more CTA buttons.

Edit Collections

In the next step, you want to add collections to your Store. You can either paste policy IDs directly, or select projects that you created in NMKR Studio in the dropdown. If the checkbox "Is drop active" is activated, users will be able to mint new NFTs from this collection directly inside the store.

After selecting the policy, click on "Add collection" to specify the details.

Once you listed all collections, select which collections should be visible on the stores frontpage by clicking "Show on frontpage".

Finish your store by clicking on "publish" in the top right corner.

Visit and edit Store or collections

After publishing your Store you will be redirected to the overview, where your created Stores will show up. Click on the Link of your Store tohave it showing up. You can also change the settings of your store at anytime by clicking on "Edit Store" or manage your collections by clicking "manage collections".