Introduction - NMKR Mint

NMKR Mint is a very easy tool to mint single tokens and smaller collections

What is NMKR Mint?

NMKR Mint is a simple tool for minting and selling NFTs, designed for smaller collections. The simple User Interface guides you through each step, making it impossible to overlook any feature or specification or to muck up your mint in any way. It allows you to mint single NFTs or small collections of up to 15 NFTs. You have the option of minting the NFT manually after creation or listing them in the NMKR Store, where you can share a sales link for your NFTs or Collection.

What can I do with NMKR Mint?

The following table gives you an overview about the features that you can expect from NMKR Mint.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive and professional Minting Tool, please use NMKR Studio.


Single Token minting

NFT Collection minting

<15 NFTs

Mint price per NFT


Multiple Files in one NFT

Listing without Minting

Royalties (+2 ADA/Collection)


Custom Metadata Fields

Add Tags for NMKR Store

Flag for NSFW



Import Policy

Sales Conditions

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