Mint single NFTs

Mint a single NFT with NMKR Mint

Mint a single NFT with NMKR Mint

Go to, select "Single NFT" and click "Next".

Create the NFT

In the next steps you are creating the NFT.

Upload Files

Click "Add files" to add up to six files to the NFT, or drag and drop the files directly into there.

The maximum file size for each individual file is 50 MB and the supportet file formats are: jpg, png, gif, mp3, wav, mp4, avi, or mov.

Token details

Add the Description and naming in the next step. The Display Name (max 60 Characters), is the name that will be shown on marketplaces and on explorers like In the description, you want to describe in up to 60 words what your token is about. The Token Name is the unique identifier for the token on the blockchain, it is not allowed to hold any special characters.

Add Tags

This step is optional and only applies to the NMKR Store. The Tags you are able to select here, will show up in the NMKR Store and help collectors to better find projects they are interested into. Flag your NFT as "Adult Content" if it contains any nudity (NSFW), violence, profanity, slurs or potentially disturbing subjects. If your NFT contains flashing or flickering lights, please flag your NFT with a "Photosensitive seizure warning".


Image rights, distribution rights (digital or physical), and other rights can be included in licenses. We recommend reading the full license documents to learn more and find the best match for your use case. Please click on "Read licence" to learn more about each licence.


Specify the Royalty percentage here. Every secondary market that is following the Cardano Royalty Standard will automatically distribute this specified percentage of the sales price if a token is sold on their platform.

Please keep in mind that the creation of a royalty token will take 2 ADA for for each collection. You will be asked at a later step to provide a payout address, where you want to receive the royalties.

If you specified royalties, you will be asked further in the process to also add a payout address to receive the royalties.

Sell or mint directly

In this step, you can now decide if you want to directly mint this token and send it to a wallet with "Mint only". Or if you want to list the token in the NMKR Store where you can then share a link with your community.

Mint only

If you want to mint only, please select "Mint only" and click "Next".

Select "Mint now" in the next step to mint your token directly via NMKR Pay, our payment gateway, that allows you to connect your wallet. A click on "View NFT" will show your NFT in the NMKR Store. If you click on mint again, you will restart the creation process.

If your Mint price shows 4 ADA here, you specified that this token should have royalties.

For Sale

If you don't want to mint your token, but put it up for sale, please select "For sale". Specify a mint price and if you want also specify the availability of the sale by clicking on the date and time buttons.

Specify a payout wallet where you want to receive the Sales revenue and click on "Next".

The next tab allows you to view the NFT in NMKR Store, where your token also can be sold, or to export the minting link via PDF to have it available to copy and share at any time.

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