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Cardano Resources

Cardano Ressources and commonly used tools
Cardanoscan: A Cardano Blockchain Explorer
Cardano Documentation: The official resource for documentation on Cardano ecosystem
Cardano Improvement Proposals: A repository to facilitate browsing and information sharing for non-Github users
Cardano Token Registry: How to register off-chain token metadata to map to on-chain identifiers
https://cardanofoundation.org/en/news/ News about Cardano from the official Cardano Foundation Cardano Wallet Connector: How to create a Wallet Connector on your website
Cardano light Wallet payment via JQuery: Light Wallet DApp integration
HAZELnet.io Discord bot: Advanced discord bots for interaction with Cardano NFTs and Wallets
https://cutedumborcs.substack.com/ Cardano educational Newsletter EUTXO Handbook by IOG