Customer Random NFT Minting
This page describes the various methods by which you can allow your community to mint random NFTs from your collection this is the fairest and most common method to mint your NFT collection.
There are three different ways to set up a sale. All of them handle refunds automatically.
This guide directs you to everything related to allowing your community to mint 1 or more RANDOM NFTs from your collection.
For the majority of projects, the best way to go is to use the NMKR Pay. This method provides the best user experience, is best for the blockchain and is very simple to set up. The Payment Gateway can be embedded on your site with copy-pasted code and provides a very clean, professional payment screen that ensures users only send payments that results in minting.
Then easiest method is to use the Pay-In Address, which is a single static address that automatically mints and sends tokens when customers send funds. This is less suitable for big drops, as due to the time for on chain transactions, many customers send funds to projects that are already sold out. Although we do handle any refunds automatically, It is not the best solution for the health of the Cardano network.
For more advanced users, who want something fully customisable, then we also have the API. You can integrate that to a custom-made vending machine on your website.

Solution Choices

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