Single Pay-In Address

This page describes how to use the Pay-In Address for your project
The Pay-In Address was created in the early days of the CNFT ecosystem, but it still has its uses. Specifically, if you have a small project and do not have a website then this is the best option for you. However, if you do have a website (as is the norm) we recommend looking at our Payment Gateway which will provide a better experience for your community.

How it works

Note - it is very important that you be VERY CLEAR about your price-list AND the wallet address. Make sure your community can identify the real address AND that they know EXACTLY how much ADA to send.
This is the simplest minting interface we offer and it works based on two parts:
  • A set of prices
  • A single, static wallet address
Using this option, you will set up specific price/quantity pairs and we will provide to you a wallet address. It's then up to you to share this address and make the pricing structure clear to your community.
The wallet then 'listens' for any new transactions sent to it and if they EXACTLY match one of your prices, NMKR Studio will then automatically mint and send the corresponding number of NFTs to the wallet that sent the price.
The NFTs sent will be RANDOM
If people send an unspecified amount of ADA, or the project has sold out by the time the TX reaches the blockchain, then we will automatically refund them (minus TX fees).

Set up


You will first need to set up Prices for your project, you can do this by visiting the 'Manage NFT Prices' section in your project or see this guide for how to do it.

Pay-In Address

Now that you have Prices ready, let's look at the Pay-In Address.
We should still be In the 'Manage NFT Prices' screen from just now creating our prices, if not please navigate to this and you will see the Payment Gateway options displayed by default, click the Pay-In Address tab to open the information.
You will see that at the moment it shows the following at the base of the section:

Pay in address for this project and this pricelist

Address not activated
To solve this, simply click on the slider to activate it and you will see a Cardano Wallet Address be displayed at the bottom of the screen, this is your single, static Pay-In Address.
Activated Pay-In Address
Thats it! Now you need to find somewhere to share it (and your Pricelist) with your community.
Address has been blurred, yours will be unique


Note - if you ever deactivate this address - make this VERY clear to your community as once deactivated, any further TX's will NOT be refunded
Deactivation Warning